How to:

change outgoing links in a SWF file
with Eltima SWF to FLA Converter

Flash Decompiler provides you with tools for changing outgoing static links in your SWF files. You may need to redirect visitors to some other web page from your web Flash element. You seek for the simplest way to accomplish this. Our SWF to FLA Converter can perform the link substitution easily.
The steps you need to follow in order to edit links in a SWF:
edit swf link Download and launch the latest version of Eltima Flash Decompiler (SWF to FLA Converter)
edit url in swf
You need to navigate to "File explorer"
change swf link
To define the SWF object which contains the necessary link the SWF file should be added to "My tasks list"
edit links in swf
Double clicking the required SWF file(s) in "File explorer" or clicking "Add task" button at ribbon bar will add your SWF file(s) to "My Tasks list"
how to edit link in swf file
Proceed to "Edit" tab and press "Links" there
swf link change
Find the object containing the required link in the "My Tasks list" and select it (left click it once)
change flash link in swf
The link should appear in the "Edit URL's"
swf file link
Select the link (left click it once)
links in .swf
It should be available for editing in the "Edit links" > "Link location to edit"
how to change link on swf
Change the link and press "Save" button to save changes, or "Discard changes", if something is incorrect.
That's It! Thank you for downloading SWF to FLA Converter by Eltima!
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