How to:

restore your original FLA file from SWF
with SWF to FLA Converter by Eltima

You have spent a lot of resources on your Flash project. Finally, you received a state of art SWF and logically saved the source FLA to some reliable place. But sometimes things which are even difficult to imagine happen and somehow you lost the source of your SWF. It is urgent to get the source FLA. SWF to FLA Converter by Eltima is very helpful in such cases.
All you have to do is:
fla recovery swf Download and install our SWF to FLA converter
how to recover a lost fla
You have to find the SWF in the "File explorer"
recover fla
Add the SWF file to "My tasks list". Double clicking the required SWF file(s) in "File explorer" or clicking button at ribbon bar will add your SWF file(s) to "My Tasks list". In case you want to add the whole folder into "My tasks list", please, click "Add folder" button
restore lost fla
You are ready to convert SWF into FLA.
That is it. You have regained the lost FLA. It was very simple with Flash Decompiler by Eltima, wasn't it?
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