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How to get the source code FLA out of SWF
with Flash Decompiler Trillix by Eltima!

Flash Decompiler Trillix allows to get the source code out of SWF for its further editing. You are supposed to extract the source FLA out of the SWF to make changes. As our SWF to FLA Converter is extremely user-friendly this process can be completed in several steps.
The steps you need to follow in order to convert SWF to FLA:
swf to fla converter free Download and launch the latest version of Flash Decompiler (Eltima SWF to FLA Converter)
swf to fla free
You need to navigate to "File explorer"
how to convert swf source code to fla file
To get the source code the SWF file should be added to "My tasks list"
swf to fla convert
Double clicking the required SWF file(s) in "File explorer" or clicking "Add task" button at ribbon bar will add your SWF file(s) to "My Tasks list". In case you want to add the whole folder to “My tasks" list, please, click "Add folder" button
how to get .fla out of .swf
The next step is to click the "Convert" tab at the ribbon bar and choose the destination folder to store the source FLA
convert .swf to .fla
To start conversion with default settings you need to click "Convert current" button ("Convert all" button in case you've selected batch of Flash files)
swf to fla open sorce
To change conversion settings, please use tabs which are located under "Conversion options". After you complete the changes you need to return to the "Convert" tab and click "Convert current" button ("Convert all" button in case you've selected batch of Flash files) to start conversion
.swf to .fla converter
Now it is possible to edit the source FLA with the specialized software (Adobe® Flash® Professional etc.)
That's It! Thank you for trying the SWF to FLA Converter by Eltima!
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