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Eltima SWF to FLA Converter for Mac
Why SWF to FLA Converter for Mac?
  • SWF to FLA Converter for Mac is the easiest way to restore your lost FLA source file out of SWF
  • With SWF to FLA Converter you can deeply analyze your SWF file, preview every SWF object and extract SWF elements like sounds, videos, scripts, pictures, etc.
  • SWF to FLA Converter is always fresh and up-to-date. Current version supports Flash CS6 and CC, Flex and ActionScript 3.0!
convert SWF to FLA on Mac

Convert SWF back to FLA

or how to restore source file and edit SWF

–ěnce your artwork is converted to a SWF file you can't edit it with the help of Flash authoring software, such as Adobe® Flash® Professional anymore. To be able to apply alterations in SWF you have to have its original source code. SWF to FLA Converter for Mac allows to get all the elements out of the SWF and save them in an FLA or A Flex project file. These files can be edited further on.

SWF resource extraction

or how to save any SWF element as a separate file

SWF to FLA Converter for Mac lets you extracting SWF objects and saving them as separate files. The appealing sounds, images, videos etc. you came across on the web can be now stored in the suitable format. No special training or time expenditure is needed to perform this with our application.

Take a look inside the SWF file

or how to explore scripts and internals embedded in SWF

Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac is a convenient tool for studying ActionScripts included into a SWF file and all its constituents. Each and every object of the SWF can be obtained with our software. A tree-like presentation of elements (shapes, morphs, fonts, texts, sprites, frames etc.) allows to quickly find the required one which after that can be previewed in the dedicated window.

I no longer worry about my FLA master getting lost. I can always decompile a SWF. The value in this product is amazing! It its one of those applications that stays with you on many different jobs I use it a lot.

Mark Rydqusit

SWF to FLA converter designed to help users decompile Flash movies and convert SWF elements into multiple formats. It's also handy for web programmers, web designers or even end users who deal with lots of Flash files.

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