Decode SWF files

or how to extract images, sounds, text, shapes,
scripts and source FLA from SWF files

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SWF files are created with Flash authoring software. Various objects, such as sound files, images, action scripts, video files etc., are used for their development. All of these elements form a complete SWF file after compilation.

It would be fair to state that users are highly likely to face various problems working with Flash technology. One of them is trying to decode SWF. This may be needed to improve the SWF or create a new one on its basis. But very often it happens so that the source FLA is lost or obfuscated. In such cases the most acceptable way out is applying a Flash decoder.

Can I find out the constituents of a SWF and can I export any SWF object and save it as a separate file?

Solution by Eltima:

swf decoderEltima offers a convenient solution - the utility which allows to decode SWF, see what the .swf file consists of, extract any element and convert it to the suitable format.

With the SWF decoder you can:
decode swf View the SWF contents as a tree structure with the objects grouped in folders
swf decoderExtract all the components out of the SWF which was compiled with Adobe® Flash® Professional or Adobe® Flex® Builder
swf editor Edit any SWF components and save the SWF with the corrections at once
swf to fla decoder Get the source FLA file and export elements and groups of elements out of SWF

In this section Eltima SWF to FLA Converter is presented as SWF Decoder, we have also created a SWF to FLA HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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