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or how to edit SWF Flash without source
FLA file

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SWF to FLA Converter by Eltima allows editing a SWF file created with Adobe® Flash® Professional even if you do not have the source FLA!

SWF is a compiled FLA file which is created with Adobe® Flash®. To edit SWF file you require the source FLA and Adobe® Flash® installed for changing this FLA. But what if you need to make corrections in the SWF and do not have the source FLA?

Common solutions:
Write the SWF with the necessary changes in Adobe® Flash® Professional from scratch.
Disadvantages: It is going to be a very difficult task to write a completely new SWF, unless you are a savvy Adobe® Flash® Professional user, and anyway it is going to take a lot of time.
Turn to a professional to correct the file
Disadvantages: The professional Flash® services can be very expensive. You will have to spend funds again if you need any further corrections.

It is clear that none of the conventional solutions helps to edit Flash SWF quickly, cheaply, with high quality, if for some reason you do not have the source FLA.

Solution by Eltima:

swf editor Eltima offers new, convenient and affordable solution to edit SWF elements using Flash Decompiler. Our SWF to FLA Converter enables you to get the source FLA by converting SWF into FLA!

So, you can:
edit swf Edit SWF objects (such as sounds, texts, links etc.) on the fly via our software interface without converting into FLA (in this case you do not even have to buy and install Adobe® Flash®)
flash editor Convert SWF into FLA, edit FLA with Adobe® Flash® and recompile it into SWF with the corrections made

Flash Decompiler is presented as a SWF Editor in this section, we have also created the SWF to FLA HOW-TO base to assist you in mastering the main functions of our software easily.

You are welcome to download the free trial version of Flash Decompiler.
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