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Save, edit, do whatever you need with the extracted SWF objects
You would like to save an appealing SWF object you came across on the Internet. You need to extract a SWF element to use it in a project of your own. You need to change a constituent of a SWF. In these and many other situations you may require to work with a separate extracted SWF element, such as an image, a sound, a text, a video etc. Eltima SWF to FLA converter provides the functionality necessary to cope with the kind of tasks.
Follow to extract SWF objects:
swf audio extractor Naturally, we presuppose that you have a purchased or at least a trial version of SWF to FLA Converter installed
swf image extractor
You need to navigate to "File explorer" (in the left part of the main program window)
swf mp3 extractor
To extract SWF elements the SWF file should be added to "My tasks list" (in the right part of the main program window)
swf picture extractor
Double clicking the required SWF file(s) in "File explorer" or clicking button at ribbon bar will add your SWF file(s) to "My Tasks list". In case you want to add the whole folder into "My tasks list", please, click "Add folder" button
swf sound extractor
Check the boxes beside the SWF objects you want to extract in "My tasks list"
swf text extractor
Now you need to proceed to the "Extract" tab at the ribbon bar and select the destination folder for the extracted SWF objects
best swf extractor
At this moment you are ready to move on to the "Formats" tab, choose the format of the SWF element to extract and finally complete the process by pressing "Extract SWF objects" button.

This is the description of Flash Decompiler Trillix operating as a SWF extractor. You can visit our How-To page to study more of its useful options.
You can Try SWF to FLA Converter Demo and preview the results immediately.
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