SWF Ripper

Rip SWF, edit its objects, get exactly
the Flash you want!

You are welcome to download SWF Ripper trial version to check if it suits you
The Flash ripper software by Eltima proved to be helpful when you need to rip SWF to cope with your Flash project in practice. We have added advanced features to Flash Decompiler, though it remains very user-friendly and simple to operate. This SWF ripper is just optimally compiled to fulfill the tasks of various difficulty.
You can use Flash Decompiler to help you rip SWF when you:
Want to restore the source FLA if you lost it
Need a Flash ripper to see the structure of the SWF you enjoyed and want to store a separate SWF object
Work with your Flash or Flex project
Would like to edit SWF element on-the-fly and etc.

First of all, our SWF ripper is meant to optimize the FLA source extracting. What for? This opens you the way to applying any changes to the SWF file and using its objects for any purposes.

In fact when we created Flash Decompiler we presupposed that you:
want to rip SWF spending minimum time and resources;
want to save considerable funds on purchasing software to edit several SWF elements;
have your own occupation and have no reason to become a Flash professional;
are a Flash professional and value convenience and speed;
need to save money and not overpay the outsourcing Flash developers.

In this section Flash Decompiler is presented as a SWF Ripper, besides you are welcome to study our our How-To tips. They will surely prompt you effective solutions in many situations.

You can Try SWF Ripper Demo and preview the results immediately.
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